This website is printed in a local newspaper – sample

This website is printed in a local newspaper – here the full paper
This website is printed in a local newspaper - sample

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About 10 years ago we ran Bloor News (see the issues ) After 5 years of printing a local paper , We lost our advertiser to the web. So now we have the web conquered . see for a list of social accounts.

While we we running a local newspaper, Garry 17 was running a music paper. He died recently so we thought we would pick up where he left off. Live Music is a 16 page colour newspaper published monthly in Toronto. You can find this newspaper in local live bars, pot and vape stores.

Pages or Sections In Live Music Guide
Our 16 page colour newspaper will have pages featuring content from these websites

Reviews and listings for Live Music in
Toronto. (This Site) (4 Pages)

Reviews and listings for Dance Bars in
Toronto (Which Dj Is Spinning Where) (under construction) (1 Page)

Reviews and listings for POT Stores in
Toronto (Where’s the good pot) (under construction) (2 Pages)

Reviews and Pictures for Fashion in
Toronto (Fashion Shows) (1 Page)

Reviews and listings for Vape Stores
in Toronto (News on Vaping) (under construction) 2 Pages

Where and which bar has the
Wing Night in Toronto (under construction) (1 Page)

I know a guy who can fix that.
List of Skilled Trades Persons (1 Page)

Need help with your taxes,
business, and/or sale of your home.
List of Canadian Professional Drectory
(under construction) (1 Page)

Pictures for Red Carpet Events in
Toronto (Toronto Events) (1 Page)